CIID moves on keeping onion market stable



As part of the government’s move to keep the onion price stable, the Customs Intelligence and Investigation Directorate (CIID) today had discussions with 14 onion importers, inquiring about their onion stock and also selling prices.

“We are trying to collect some information from the onion importers concerning their places of sales, prices of onion sold and also about their stock position,” CIID Director General Dr Md Shahidul Islam told journalists after talking to the onion importers at the directorate office here.

The CIID has decided to open discussions with a total of 47 onion importers to know about onion stock, he said, adding that the agency will arrive at a decision in this regard after collecting information from them.

Noting that there is no shortage of onion in the country, Shahidul said the prices of the essential cooking ingredient will come down to a tolerate level soon.

There is still a huge stock of the onion, he said, adding that the crisis will be overcome if the importers sell their stored onion.

If any specific allegation of hoarding onion is found against anyone, action will be taken against him or her, he said.

According to the sources, a total of 1.68 lakh metric tonnes of onion was imported between August and November 18 this year.