Priyanka Chopra trumps Donald Trump. All she had to do was eat


Priyanka Chopra has made Donald Drumpf. John Oliver should be a happy, happy man. The Bollywood star has been trending at no.1 on Facebook in US and she defeated the likes of Donald Trump and OJ Simpson.

 And guess what the Baywatch star had to do? She simply had to eat!
Days after winning the Oscar red carpet , Priyanka appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The actress, who gained international fame with her role in TV series Quantico, was challenged by Fallon to a chicken wings eating contest. And as we all know, Priyanka doesn’t believe in losing
On offer were atomic chicken wings with nuclear sauce. Calling the contest hot would be an understatement.Priyanka has never shied away from admitting her love for food. And she flaunted her ‘foodie’ spirit uninhibitedly. Perhaps Fallon underestimated her assuming that a fit, toned girl such as Priyanka would never beat him in an eating contest.