Science’s Answer to Radiation – WaveRider Patented Noise Field technology Resembles Harmless Environment


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scaping the threats of electromagnetic radiation with comprehensive protection
HONG KONG, CHINA, November 15, 2016 – Living in today’s modern and highly connected world, it means that we have little choice of escaping the increasing levels of EMR in our environment. From the moment we get up in the morning to the time we go to bed, we are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation generated by our modern-day devices. Yes indeed. EMR is all around us. Yet, more and more studies revealed the radiation released from everyday devices harms our immune system, causing symptoms such as headache, insomnia, and even serious illnesses, creating a direct health hazard to kids and mothers-to-be. Radiation is a serious issue to be tackled, especially for smart phone addicts. WaveRider from the U.S. brings us the best solution, the patented proprietary frequencies (molecular resonance effect technology) instantly changes the radiation frequency created by today’s environment, bringing a comprehensive shield to the environment repelling radiation’s harm and thus a safe home for you and family.

New solution resembling harmless environment

Long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) triggers the body to respond at a cellular level where the cell membrane hardens. This prevents nutrients from getting into the cells, and causes toxin build-up in the cells. Over time, the body’s immune and other systems begin to deteriorate. The WaveRider is the brainchild of quantum physicist Dr. Igor Smirnov. Specializing in advanced research on the influence of low frequency electromagnetic oscillations on human cellular physiology, he brought the same Noise Field technology that the US military rely on right into the comfort of your home or office — creating a sanctuary that alters harmful effects of man-made EMR without changing the EMR itself.

Magnetic field intensity of the human brain activity is in the range of 10ˉ9 to 10ˉ8 Gauss, WaveRider resonance technology produces ‘natural’ frequencies that human bodies are able to accept, ‘riding’ on the waves of the EMR. The result: human cells accept the combined ‘EMR plus WaveRider’ frequencies. Dr. Vincent Seet, managing director of WaveRider and researcher on radiation further explains, ‘WaveRider leverages quantum mechanics with patented Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET) in our chips. This process has been validated proving WaveRider noise field technology can cover EMR produced by all electrical equipment, powerlines and routers within 30 feet in distance. Ambient noise level will be improved and a positive influence in both body and emotions can be observed.’

Dr. Yasuyuki Nemoto, renowned Japan biologist and biotechnology scientist, has also taken numerous tests on WaveRider. Dr. Nemato studied EMR for decades, and discovered the use of WaveRider reduces mobile phone SAR (radiation absorption) values from 10% to 40%. The many tests all conclude that WaveRider offers protection against a wide range of EMR, reducing EMR penetration in head.

All electronic devices emits man-made EMR, and the impact is 1 times worse for mothers-to-be and children compared to adults, yet these devices are a part of our everyday life. Using WaveRider indoor makes an 18 metre sanctuary which fits a 1,200 square feet home, altering the harmful effect of man-made EMR without affecting the transmission quality of your WiFi or mobile signals. Bring your family the most authentic and comprehensive protection. Now everyone can relax and enjoy the new era of electronics while WaveRider gatekeeps everyone’s health!